Notice of Privacy

ALIMENTOS FRUTIVA S.A. DE C.V. better known as FRUTIVA, with address on street CONJUNTO INDUSTRIAL PKCo 24 SUR, STATE HIGHWAY 431 KM 1.3, EJIDO EL COLORADO neighborhood, Querétaro city, municipality or EL delegation MARQUÉS, C.P. 76246, in the entity of QUERÉTARO, country Mexico, and internet portal, is responsible for the use and protection of your personal data, and at Regarding this, we inform you of the following:

¿Para qué fines utilizaremos sus datos personales?

We will use the personal data that we collect from you for the following purposes that are necessary. for the service you request:
• Administrative
• Commercial
• Marketing
• Commercial Prospectus
• Marketing or advertising
• Commercial prospecting

What personal data will we use for these purposes?

To carry out the purposes described in this privacy notice, we will use the following data personal:
• Name
• Marital Status
• Federal Taxpayer Registry (RFC)
• Unique Population Registry Code (CURP)
• Nationality
• Home telephone
• Cell phone
• Email
• Autograph signature
• Job references
• Information generated during the recruitment, selection and contracting processes
• Educational career
• Residence rights
• Tax information
• Income
• Bank accounts
• Identification data
• Contact details
• Employment data
• Academic data
• Immigration data

Who do we share your personal information with and for what purposes?

We inform you that your personal data is shared inside and outside the country with the following people, companies, organizations or authorities other than us, for the following purposes:

Recipient of personal data Purpose Requires consent
Between companies Commercialization Not

How can you access, rectify or cancel your personal data, or oppose its use?

You You have the right to know what personal data we have about you, for what purpose we use them and the conditions of use that we give them (Access). Likewise, it is your right to request the correction of your information personnel in case it is out of date, inaccurate or incomplete (Rectification); that we delete it from our records or databases data when it considers that it is not being used appropriately (Cancellation); as well as oppose the use of your data personal for specific purposes (Opposition). These rights are known as ARCO rights.

For the exercise of any of ARCO rights, you must submit the respective request to via email: In relation to procedure and requirements for the exercise of your ARCO rights, We inform the following:
• Through what means can prove the identity of the owner and, where applicable, his representative, as well like the personality of the latter? Through the following email:
• What information and/or documentation Should the application contain? 1. Full name 2. Clear explanation and precise data to be removed or updated 3. Telephone 4. Email electronic
• In how many days will we respond to your request? 15 working days
• By what means will we communicate the response to your request? A response will be given by email email no later than 15 business days after sending the request.
• On what media can they be reproduced? the personal data that, if applicable, you request? In the database This information will be updated and due protection will be given. For further information information about the procedure, we make available the following medium:

**You can revoke your consent for the use of your personal data**You can revoke the consent that, where appropriate, you have given us for the treatment of your personal data. However, it is important that you keep in mind that not in all cases we will be able to attend to your request or conclude the use immediately, since it is possible that due to some obligation legal we require to continue processing your personal data. Also, you You should consider that for certain purposes, the revocation of your consent will mean that we cannot continue providing the service. that you requested from us, or the conclusion of your relationship with us.

To revoke your consent you must submit your request through the following means:

In relation to the procedure and requirements for revoking your consent, we inform you of the following:

1.- Through what means can they accredit the identity of the owner and, where applicable, his representative, as well as the personality of the latter? By email where you will be informed the processes for revocation
2.- What information and/or documentation Should the application contain?1. Full name 2. Identification official 3. Telephone number 4. Email address 5. Data relevant to find the information
3.- In how many days will we respond to your request? The request will be responded to within 15 business days
4.- By what means will we communicate the response to your request? No later than 15 business days you will be notified of revocation of the privacy notice
5.- For more information about the procedure, we make available the following means:, and telephone: 4422215155

How can you limit the use or disclosure of your personal information?

With so that you can limit the use and disclosure of your personal information, we make available the email, to send a request, where described in the subject “Limit use of Privacy Notice” and name in the body of the email complete and specification of data to be limited.

Likewise, you can register for the following registries, in case you do not wish to obtain advertising from us:

Public Registry of Users, for more information consult the CONDUSEF internet portal.

The use of tracking technologies on our internet portal

You We inform you that on our website we use cookies, web beacons or other technologies, through which it is possible monitor your behavior as an internet user, as well as provide you with a better service and experience when browsing our page. The personal data that we collect through these technologies, the We will use it for the following purposes:

To obtain information about the sale of the product and being able to communicate with companies and people interested in our products.

The personal data we obtain from these tracking technologies are the following:
User preferred language
Region in which the user is located
User browser type
Type of user operating system
Date and time of the start and end of a user session
Web pages visited by a user
Searches performed by a user
Advertising reviewed by a user

To learn how these technologies can be disabled, please see the following media:

It will be done through a request to email: or by telephone at 4422215155, requesting information on the privacy notice.

How can you find out about changes to this privacy notice?

He This privacy notice may be modified, changed or updates derived from new legal requirements; of our own needs for the products or services we offer; of our privacy practices; of changes in our model business, or for other reasons.

We are committed to maintaining it informed about any changes that may occur to this notice of privacy, through the following email:

The procedure through which Notifications about changes or updates will be made to the This privacy notice is as follows:

It will be sent by email to customers and suppliers, as well as an update on the page

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